24hr. turnaround

24hr. turnaround

$250 flat rate per headshot.*

$250 flat rate per headshot.*

Money back guarantee.

Money back guarantee.

Hair and Makeup available through  Distinct artists .

Hair and Makeup available through Distinct artists.


Our Process

Kapow Headshots lobby in Chicago.


Upon arrival to our studio in downtown Chicago we offer you a drink. Whether you want a coffee or something stronger, we've got you covered.  We then chat about the shoot and figure out your needs. 

Kapow Headshots photographing in the studio in Chicago


As we shoot we direct you to look your best. We've photographed hundreds of people and know how to make everyone look great!

Kapow Headshot image review

Real time image review

We review the photos as we shoot. This helps us pin point what is working and what isn't. You'll be sure you're getting the best images because you'll be able to see them in real time.

Share your favorite Kapow Headshots with your friends

Ask your friends

After we're done shooting, we'll email you thumbnails images and have your friends and family help decide which is your best.