Kapow 5X5 - Katy Lynch

Photo by Kapow Headshots

Katy Lynch is a Scottish-born entrepreneur,  small and fierce, and she absolutely loves 90's rock. Oooh, and she's about to launch a new edtech business - watch this space! 

Five words to describe yourself:

Positive, Ambitious, Creative, Fun(ny), Outgoing.

Describe your passion?

Biggest passion and focus right now is on my new business, which I am starting with my husband, Craig Ulliott.  Children are growing up now in a very different world than we both did. And the jobs that will exist in the future will require kids to have certain tech skills. Simply put, our mission is to teach a billion kids to code. 

What makes you different in your field?

I am a serial entrepreneur and have an extensive background in marketing and business development, so I care very deeply about people, brand, product, and overall experience. Every little detail matters as your building a startup.

What inspires you when you're stuck?

Music. Don't know what I'd do without it.

My brother Johnny runs a record label back in Scotland called Lost Map. He introduced me to lots of amazing bands when I was wee. Some of my faves are Radiohead, Hot Chip, and Belle & Sebastian. 

I've always found music to be so creative, fun, soothing and beautiful. And so, whenever I am stuck in a rut, I listen to lots of it! 

What are you trying to learn right now?

Learning a lot about education in this country, to be honest. Everything from what kids are being taught in school, to how they are learning, to what STEM initiatives are being launched in their schools. Extremely interesting stuff, and has proved to be very useful as I am building my company. 

What are you most proud of?

The first business I started, SocialKaty. It was my social media marketing agency that I ran with my husband, Craig Ulliott, and Andy Angelos for four years. It was acquired in July 2014, two weeks before my wedding day. Hah!