Kapow 5X5 - Steven Dyme

Steven Dyme spends most of my time building Flowers for Dreams, both as a better way to send flowers and a model for community-oriented business. He serves on the board of RefugeeOne, it's a huge passion of his to stand for refugees especially in a climate like this one. Beyond that, He enjoys all kinds of learning (podcasts are his thing right now), the emerging world of social enterprise and impact entrepreneurship, and sports. Badgers, Bulls, and Cubs primarily.

Five words to describe yourself?

Curious, passionate, interested in helping.

Can you describe your passion?

Social enterprise and impact entrepreneurship are probably in the lead for me. It's really neat to see this permeate business and culture, big proponent of anybody tying market solutions to community problems/issues/giving.

What makes you different in your field?

We're one of the first 30 B Corps in the state of IL. It's a new designation certifying our commitment to community, environment, employees, and more than simply profit. Aside from that, we think our flowers are pretty unique in their appearance, delivery process, and price point.

What inspires you when you're stuck?

Podcasts right now. Both a nice way to check out and get inspired. 

What are you trying to learn right now?

Trying to pick back up Arabic and polish my Hebrew. Studied politics and economics, with a specialty in Middle East, during school and have completely lost a lot of my command of these languages. I think being multilingual, multicultural, is really useful for perspective. 

What are you most proud of?

The people I call my friends, family, teammates. Always think it's a great reflection of who you are by the people you confide in and surround yourself with.