Kapow 5x5 - Yazin Akkawi

Kapow Headshot Yazin Akkawi

Yazin is a hoops junkie, futurist and the founder and principal of MSTQ, a boutique design consultancy.

Describe yourself in 5 words.

Naive, curious, forward-thinking, audacious, human

Can you describe your passion?

I’m passionate about the intersection of design and technology. Working in the tech space for some time now, I’m realizing that technology has become totally ubiquitous. Especially software—it’s become so accessible and easy to make. Now our homes and jewelry are connected to the internet. So I spend a lot of time thinking about the future of technology and my part in it.

I haven’t quite figured it out entirely. But right now, I think it’s helping companies make technology that’s meaningful rather than making it just because they can. Tech has an amazing potential to be either annoyingly distracting or actually life changing. So I’m passionate about using design to ensure technology makes us better humans. 

What makes you different in your field?

I actually ask my clients that quite often. The responses I’m getting are some combination of good taste, big thinking, strong vision and just giving a shit.

What inspires you when you're stuck?

Spaces. Digital design is similar to architecture and interior design in so many ways so I pull a lot of inspiration from there. Sometimes when I’m stuck, I’ll try to imagine myself, or move myself into, a well designed, airy space. Like your studio :-)

What are you trying to learn right now?

As much as I possibly can.

What are you most proud of?

I’m proud of Chicago, man. I think the entrepreneurial community has typically been dominated by sales people, and as a result, the city has become such a B2B town. But I’m getting the sense that the culture is shifting a bit over the last few years; there’s a growing community of makers and doers and it inspires me.

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