Kapow 5X5 - Chris Bordeaux

Chris Bordeaux Kapow Headshot photo

Chris Bordeaux is a recovering attorney. After law school, he soon realized that he wanted to pursue a carer in venture capital and tech even though he has a motor mouth and looks great in a suit :)

Describe yourself in five words

Charismatic. Gregarious. Calculated. Genuine. Boom!

Can you describe your passion?

It's extremely important to develop awareness and perspective. I am passionate about traveling to unique places, experiencing new things, and spending time with interesting people. Although I love my hometown, I don't spend much time in Chicago (besides the summer), causing me occasionally to forget which floor I live on.

What makes you different in your field?

I listen. It's amazing how frequently people will overlook the solution to a problem, sale, or deal because they bury it in the noise of their own voices.

What inspires you when you're stuck?

My positivity. Being negative is easy and a sign that an individual doesn't believe he/she has control over an outcome. Positivity allows you to take accountability and search for a creative solution. I enjoy solving problems.

What are you trying to learn right now?

I'm learning how to row - it's a great workout and I figure that it may help me invent the next Facebook. ;)

What are you most proud of?

As a first-generation only child, I am most proud of my parents, who developed their own businesses from scratch. They demonstrated the strong work and entrepreneurship that drives me today.