• Bring some lip balm so your lips don't look dry.

  • Moisturize! Apply your favorite moisturizer the day before AND the day of the shoot. Nobody likes dry flaky skin!

  • Drink plenty of water the day before and the day of the shoot. 

  • Don't drink alcohol the day before the shoot or the day of.

  • If possible, leave the glasses at home. They can create unwanted glare that is sometimes impossible to remove when we’re retouching.


  • Make sure you are comfortable in the clothing you wear. If you're not, your headshots won't look natural.

  • Wear well-fitted clothes. Leave the oversized clothing back in the 90’s where they belong!

  • Make sure what you wear will show up in the headshots. Don't wear a strapless or low cut shirt, because if it's out of the frame of the headshot, it might look like you weren't wearing a shirt! Sleeveless clothing doesn't look as good because the arms can draw attention to themselves.

  • Avoid brightly-colored outfits, like white, hot-pink, yellow, etc. The brighter the color of the clothing that you wear, the more of a distraction it will be. Earth tones are usually best for business headshots (as the outer layer). Of course, if you absolutely love bright colors and want to wear them we'll understand!